AJ Safety Consultants is a newly formed company within East London, South Africa. We are a family business where the managing directors comprise of siblings (brother and sister). We have been exposed to HSEQ requirements due to our parent’s business operating on the oil sites for 26 years. Subsequently, we identified that adhering to clients HSE specifications is a demanding process and numerous contractors were struggling to become HSE compliant. At AJ Safety Consultants, we want to change the undesirable view businesses have towards health and safety compliance. Our business provides comprehensive consulting on health and safety to ensure businesses are compliant with the OHS Act and their clients HSE specifications.

At AJ Safety Consultants, we provide occupational health and safety consultations to businesses operating in the various industries. We advise businesses in becoming compliant through the development of an appropriate HSE safety file and HSE management system. We develop safety files for our clients and provide the necessary templates on request. We want to ensure our clients have an effortless experience in complying to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Being compliant to the OHS Act contributes towards a safe working environment, reduces the number incidents and essentially protects the CEO.  All industries need to comply with the health and safety regulations, make sure you are protected today!